Why BD Partners

Who you are

You are a business owner with an established product or service that you’re ready to bring to the U.S. market. You need a business development strategy for the U.S. market and a way to ramp up your go-to-market.

But there are roadblocks:

  • It takes too long to send someone to the U.S. to establish a network and figure out the rules of the marketplace
  • Hiring someone from the U.S. is risky – you can’t be sure of continuity, transparency or accountability
  • Managing the entire process from abroad won’t get you the face-time or direct customer relationships you need
  • An experienced consultant won’t give you action (and you need action)
  • A full-service company will only deliver on certain KPIs and probably won’t have buy-in

Your solution

What if you could rely on a complete go-to-market strategy created for you by a leading development expert, with your input? Then, what if you could get 24 weeks of on-the-ground, transparent execution, while you oversee the progress?

It’s possible.

Business development + execution

Through a two-tiered execution approach, BD Partners helps startup founders build a business development strategy and put it into action in the U.S. – cost effectively and with a higher probability of success.

How we do it

  • Detailed business development plan created for you by an expert, with your input
  • 24 weeks of expert-led, on-the-ground execution of that plan
  • Full transparency and a reliable physical presence in the U.S.
  • Continuity after 6 months, so you can work at full efficiency right away