The 24 Week Plan

You already have an internationally grown business model that works, and you have a killer technology product that’s America-ready.
What you lack is the infrastructure and insight to ramp up your go-to-market.

BD Partners builds you a business development strategy for the U.S. market

Then we put it into action for 24 weeks – cost effectively and with a higher probability of success – while you oversee the progress

Week 1 through Week 4
A seasoned Business Development Partner combines strategic acumen with extensive insight into your industry to create a business development strategy for you, with your input.

Week 5 through Week 24
A dedicated Business Development Representative works with you as your physical presence in sales and business development engagements. Plus, continued guidance and management as your new business development plan is put into action.

You get a clear roadmap for entry into the U.S. market with transparent and dedicated execution.

Why 24 weeks?
After 24 weeks, your business will be either ready to grow, or you will have an opportunity to assess and revise the market fit of your product.
You then have the opportunity to hire your Business Development Representative as a full-time rep, so you can work at full efficiency on day one.