About Us

BD Partners is a full-service partner for new businesses in the U.S. to accelerate your go to market. Through a two-tiered, six-month execution approach, we bring our clients a unique combination of consulting and action that brings business development to life.

We create end-to-end business development strategies for clients, and execute those strategies on the ground in the U.S. market. We pride ourselves on complete transparency, so businesses always have visibility into how their business is doing. And, we provide a built-in, dedicated physical presence in the U.S. to do business on the ground.

Consider us your pilots to help you glide smoothly into the U.S. market within 24 weeks – quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

We strive to enable local entrepreneurs and international founders by offering the tools they need to glide into the U.S. market with full-service, efficient business development.